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O, My Friend

Two estranged best friends unexpectedly meet again after years apart, in a place close to their hearts. But a joyful reunion is disturbed by haunting memories and a past tragedy that can no longer be avoided.
A fantasy drama set in rural South Wales, O, My Friend is an exploration of love, loss, and the power of female friendship.

Wales International Film Festival, Nominated for Best Short Film

Suffolk Shorts, Official Selection

New York No Limits Film Series, Official Selection

Malta Film Festival, Official Selection

Southampton International Film Festival, Official Selection

Manchester Lift-Off Global Network, Official Selection

Meraki Film Festival, Official Selection

Swindon Independent Film Festival, Official Selection


Short Film

Made by Sheer Height Productions Director Louise C Galizia DOP Oliver Biggs
Production Designer Freya Willetts First AD Amber Tordoff-Gibson Script Supervisor Helena Jung Location Sound James Pollock First AC Rhodri Carter Make Up Artist Katie Hopkins Costume Isabella Van Braekel Production Manager Kyrah Russell Production Assistant Georgia Morley Written and produced by 

Jenny Wilford and Charlotte Couture  Editor Sally Mumby-Croft Composer Brollyman Sound Design Gareth Young Colourist Andrei Lionachescu Titles Artist Stuart Mumby-Croft Maddy played by Charlotte Couture Erin played by Jenny Wilford

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