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Sheer Height Theatre made their début at the Etcetera Theatre with Clare McIntyre's deftly funny and deeply disquieting 'Low Level Panic', a play as alarmingly relevant today as it was in the 1980's. Set in a bathroom that acts as both refuge and prison, Low Level Panic is an honest, acutely observed and unapologetic portrayal of three ordinary twenty-something women grappling with the implications of their sex.


McIntyre's play - in which Jo, Mary and Celia's attempts to hide, ignore or dismiss their deepest insecurities and fears are paraded on the stage – gives voice to the real life, every day low level panic of women attempting to navigate a society in which body image obsession, sexual objectification and gender-based violence are increasingly normalised.

Low Level Panic enjoyed a sell-out run of performances at the Etcetera Theatre in November 2014. 


Sheer Height would like to thank the following people for their generous support of Low Level Panic:


Julie & Peter Merrick, Irving Stage Theatre Company, Paul and Terence Handley, Kim Woods, Nigel Smith, Paul Woods, Sian Couture, Jenny Morrison, Vera Couture, Allan Hart, Lucy Niccol, Nicola Poole, Dean Poole, Christopher Birks, Jenna Couture, Michael Davis, Jonathan Skinner, Tony Woods, Jamie Graham, Owen Woods, Jenna Couture, Matthew Weaver, Sadie Clark and Rianne Ison.

Directed by:

Bella Loudon

Performed by:

Jenny Wilford,

Charlotte Couture

and Anna Proctor

Designed by:

Isabella Van Braeckel

Costumes by:

Eimear Monaghan

Movement by:

 Mathew Wernham


**** Female Arts

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